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Day Two - Thursday, 8th December 2016
Time  Programme
0815 Registration

Panel 3: The Digital and New Frontiers in Research and Education

This panel examines how digital tools are revolutionizing research methodologies in archaeology, art, art history and material culture studies as well as education.

0900 Digitisation of the National Collection: Challenges and Opportunities

Mr Sean Lee
Director, Heritage Conservation Centre
0920 Tangible Digital Heritage

Dr Stylianos Dritsas
Assistant Professor, Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
0940 Cultural Collections and Object Based Learning at the University of Melbourne

Ms Fiona Moore
Coordinator, Object Based Learning and Collections Management for Arts West, Faculty of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia

Curating Bits Rather Than Atoms - A Discussion of ArtScience Museum's New Permanent, Yet Changing Exhibition, Future World: Where Art Meets Science

Ms Honor Harger
Executive Director, ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Question and Answer Session

Moderated by Prof Jane M Jacobs
Director, Division of Social Science & Professor of Urban Studies, Yale-NUS College, Singapore

1040 Tea Break
1100 Viewing of Exhibition Booths and Galleries
1200 Lunch Break

Panel 4: The Digital Divide or Digital Disruption

This panel will address the digital divide in terms of those that have access to these technologies and between those who don’t – such as older generations and economically, culturally or socially disadvantaged communities that do not have easy access to technology. It will also look at how the digital divide also affects artists, film makers, etc who may or may not have the right digital skills to innovate in their respective fields and how they can be helped to bridge the gap.

Empowering Possibilities with Digital Inclusion

Ms Jenny Wong
Assistant Director, Digital Inclusion, Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA)


The Future of Us: When Storytelling Bridged the Digital Divide

Mr Gene Tan
Creative Director, The Future of Us Exhibition


PPTs, PDFs, and Proprietary Formats: On the Problematic Forms of the Digital

Ms Debbie Ding
Visual Artist and Technologist


Media Education in Heritage; A Reflection on a Decade of Educating Young Professionals at the Reinwardt Academy

Ms Simone Stoltz
Lecturer, Information and Media, Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Netherlands


Question and Answer Session

Moderated by Mr Lucian Teo
Member of NHB's Digital Resource Panel

1520  Tea Break

Panel 5: Concluding Thoughts: The Future of the Cultural Institutions and the Cultural Worker in the Digital Age

This Roundtable session moderated by Mr. Warren Fernandez will look at how digital technologies will change the way we work in culture, from modifying or making professions (such as the institutional curator, lighting designer or conservator) redundant, to changing what we expect of our experiences from culture, to the redefining of organisations such as museums. Will museums be replaced by virtual museums? Will other forms of culture such as theatre be equally impacted? What will the future of the object, the people who collect it, care for it, conserve it and promote it be? Will there be audiences still for concerts, theatre recitals or will audiences be happy with watching it on line? Will performing artistes need to learn their craft form Masters personally, or can they learn this online? These and many more questions will be asked and debated during this concluding panel.


Panel Discussion

Moderated by Mr Warren Fernandez
Editor-in-Chief, English/Malay/Tamil Media Group, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, Editor, The Straits Times & Member of the National Heritage Board, Singapore


  1. Mr Michael Naimark
    Media Artist and Researcher

  2. Professor Sarah Kenderdine
    Director, Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre (EPICentre) and Laboratory for Innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (iGLAM), University of New South Wales, Special Projects, Museum Victoria & President, Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH)

  3. Ms Debbie Ding
    Visual Artist and Technologist

  4. Ms Yvonne Tham
    Assistant Chief Executive Officer, The Esplanade Company Ltd

  5. Mr Yeo Kirk Siang
    Director, Heritage Research and Assessment, National Heritage Board
1715 Closing Remarks
1730 End of Conference

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